Shipping Tips From BubbleFAST!

Shipping Tips From BubbleFAST!

One of the best ways to win over your customers is to deliver their purchase in a package that is sturdy, well-protected, budget-friendly, and aesthetically appealing. Here are some shipping tips from BubbleFAST to help encourage your customers to buy from you again.

Take advantage of free material that your shipping carrier may provide. For example, if you are shipping through the USPS with Priority Mail, there are several free boxes available, including some Flat Rate boxes..

Choose the Proper Size and Type of Box for the Product

Unless you are delivering the item to the customer by hand, it is safe to assume that the package will undergo a fair amount of abuse before the customer receives the package. For this reason, it is important to think strategically about both the type of box and the size of the box you use to package the product. If you are shipping an item that is fragile, we suggest you leave at least a two inch gap between the item and the box on each side. This will allow you to include enough padding to secure the item and ensure it doesn’t break during delivery. 

If you sell products that vary in size, an easy way to save money is to purchase a bundle of multi-depth boxes scored at different heights rather than buying individual boxes. These can be cut down at any of the scores to create the box size that will best fit the item. Another easy way to achieve custom-sized boxes is to use a box sizer tool. This tool allows you to neatly score the box so you only need to cut the corners and fold down the sides to obtain a perfect fit. Using the proper box size is especially important when shipping larger products because the size of your package will affect shipping costs.  BubbleFAST offers two types of box-sizing tools: the traditional metal tool or our new lightweight Carton Ninja.

Choose the Right Shipping Carrier

Once your product is safely padded and secured in its box, the next big decision you have is what shipping carrier to use. The size, weight, and destination of your package may affect what shipping service is the best fit for you, as well as your budget. The USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the most commonly used shipping carriers for domestic packages. Each of these carriers have a variety of services available to you. What level of service you need often depends on how quickly you need the package to be delivered. If price is what is most important to you,  consider the following rules of thumb: For packages less than 1 pound, USPS Ground Advantage is generally the least expensive option. For packages under 3 pounds, USPS Priority Mail is generally the cheapest option. For larger packages, FedEx and UPS are often less expensive than USPS. If you are delivering to a PO Box, it is important to note that FedEx and UPS cannot deliver to PO Boxes. If you are shipping outside of the continental United States, FedEx and UPS are typically more expensive than the USPS.  One more thing to consider is that FedEx and UPS may have additional charges such as residential delivery and/or delivery area surcharges, fuel surcharges, extra handling fees for large packages, peak surcharges, etc. 

If time isn’t an issue, you can consider using FedEx Ground Economy or UPS Ground Saver. These are hybrid services that use the USPS for final delivery of packages. Hybrid services like this are typically your least expensive option, but the trade-off is slower delivery times. 

While the USPS typically has rigid pricing, most other carriers have some flexibility and prices can sometimes be negotiated. Thus, when choosing a shipping carrier and service, doing diligent research can save you money.

Ready to elevate your shipping experience? Explore our BubbleFAST Store for innovative, eco-friendly packing solutions, and join the BubbleFAST family today! 


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