Get More Out of Every BubbleFAST Purchase with Bubble Bucks!

Get More Out of Every BubbleFAST Purchase with Bubble Bucks!

Bubble Bucks: The Benefits of BubbleFAST’s Rewards Program

As a way to show our appreciation to our most valued customers, BubbleFAST introduced a rewards program called Bubble Bucks. Our website has an in-depth explanation about how Bubble Bucks work, how to keep track of your points, as well as disclaimers and other guidelines. 

Advantages of Bubble Bucks

We created the Bubble Bucks program to help Amazon, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other online sellers save money on their packing and shipping supplies. As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles that come with running a business and want to help other small businesses save money. 

The great thing about Bubble Bucks is how straightforward it is. Rather than a program where you have to sign up to earn points, registered customers receive Bubble Bucks automatically when they make qualified purchases. 

How It Works

This is how it works. $1.00 equals one point, where each point represents a 2% credit toward future purchases. For example, if you spend $100.00 at BubbleFAST, you receive 100 points. With 100 points, you will have a $2.00 credit towards your next purchase. You’ll be able to view your points total when you log into your account and click the Bubble Bucks Rewards Points link. We also note how many Bubble Points you earned on your purchases when we send out order confirmation emails. And the best part – Bubble Bucks never expire!

If you are in the reselling business, you end up needing a lot of shipping supplies each year. Whether it’s boxes, bubble cushioning, void fill, or other supplies, it all adds up. With the Bubble Bucks program, you can accumulate points faster than you might think and cut down on your overall spending for shipping supplies each year. We love it when we see customer orders for zero dollars because they were able to use their accumulated Bubble Bucks!  If you are a reseller or own a small business, you know that each and every little savings helps your profitability.

Bubble Bucks is a program we are proud of because it allows us to show our best customers how much we appreciate them, while also helping resellers and small businesses save money on shipping supplies and improve their profitability. If you have additional questions about our loyalty program, check out our website or contact us today with your questions, and we will do our best to answer them.

Ready to elevate your shipping experience? Explore our BubbleFAST Store for innovative, eco-friendly packing solutions, and join the BubbleFAST family today! 


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