How FunPak Can Change the Packaging Industry

How FunPak Can Change The Packaging Industry

FunPak is a brand of packing peanuts that are elevating the packaging game. What sets FunPak apart from other packing peanuts is that not only are the products 100% biodegradable, but they come in 12 different decorative shapes and colors that allow small businesses to give their customers a fun unboxing experience.  FunPak peanuts use a non-toxic, plant-based formula that is better for the environment than traditional packing peanuts and is also safe for pets and families. The 12 FunPak options are pink hearts; green shamrocks; red, white, and blue stars; white stars, white dog bone-shaped; blue hearts; green Christmas trees; rainbow-colored hearts; green cannabis leaf-shaped;  white cloud-shaped; pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. Whether you’re shipping out Christmas gifts, packaging a Valentine’s gift, or just want a fun packing peanut for everyday use, FunPak has an option that can elevate your packaging game.

How FunPak Works

While FunPak packing peanuts can be reused multiple times for packing purposes, once you no longer need them, FunPak peanuts can be disposed of in several ways. You can dissolve them in the sink, flush them down the toilet, or place them outside. They double as compost and will dissolve back into the earth. When the peanuts break down, they do not leave behind any toxic residue and they won’t pollute the water, soil, or air. The packing peanuts are also great for arts and crafts projects!



Rich Daniels developed FunPak after an incident with his pet, which made him realize there was a need for packaging products that were socially responsible and safe for pets and kids. Daniel’s dog needed an expensive operation after getting into some packing peanuts. While his pet luckily survived, it made him realize just how important it was to have pet-safe packaging products. Both Daniels’ company, RNS (Really Neat Stuff), and the FunPak product drew high praise from environmentalists and are now used by major companies like Bath & Body Works, Pet Stores USA, and L’Oréal. 

The Future of Packaging


The packaging industry is moving away from non-recyclable materials like polystyrene and towards materials that are biodegradable. Some areas have already banned polystyrene-based packaging materials. For example, earlier this year, the state of Washington passed a law prohibiting the sale and distribution of polystyrene void-filling packaging products, which includes traditional packing peanuts. It won’t be long before other states follow suit. Over time, the demand for biodegradable packaging products will go up as consumers increasingly want products that are safe for the environment.

At BubbleFAST, FunPak is one of the brands we are most proud to sell. We knew we wanted to offer our customers packaging solutions that wouldn’t harm the environment or put their pets and kids in danger. Whether you’re a small business looking for packaging solutions that are more socially responsible or a retailer looking to provide a fun unboxing experience to customers, BubbleFAST and FunPak can provide you with packaging that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for the whole family.

Pet, People, and Planet Friendly


As we wrap up this blog, let’s take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness and charm of our original FunPak Shape – the Dog Bone! Embraced by dog enthusiasts nationwide, this isn’t just a packing material; it’s a statement. You’re not one to settle for the mundane; your packages are a reflection of your distinctive personality. Our biodegradable Dog Bone packing peanuts are not just an eco-friendly choice, but also a creative way to express your thoughtfulness. Whether you’re sending a token of love to a distant furry companion or celebrating a new pet in someone’s life, these whimsical packing peanuts speak volumes. They’re a testament to your care and consideration, adding a personal touch that turns every unboxing into a heartwarming experience. Let’s pack with purpose and a paw-print of love!

Ready to elevate your shipping experience? Explore our BubbleFAST Store for innovative, eco-friendly packing solutions, and join the BubbleFAST family today! 


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